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Our hygienists at Satterfield Family Dental are committed to offering our patients the absolute best, comprehensive dental care possible, while remaining personal with each and every one of our patients. Each hygienist offers a unique style to their professional cleanings while maintaining the utmost care to their patients. Once your cleaning is complete you will be examined by Dr. B.H. Satterfield or Dr. Bryan Satterfield, father, son duo. The Doctor will evaluate your x-rays that were taken and address any concerns you have.  We are more than just any dental office, and we understand you would rather be somewhere else. That is why we strive to make each dental visit pain free and the most pleasant.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Dr. B was able to see me, take care of the issue and get me on the way in plenty of time. I truly appreciate the doc and staff for fitting me in and taking such good care of me.

Donna Haynes   |   Spartanburg SC

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Shaler (Shay) P. Houser

Shay is a graduate of the Citadel and a veteran of the technology industry. Shay has served as a senior executive with various organizations and is experienced on the foundational side of the industry as an entrepreneur and investor. Shay has co-founded and led five technology businesses as CEO. Seruus Ventures (1996), Nuvox Communications (1997), UCI Communications (2003), Green Cloud Technologies (2011), and Youturn Health (2018). 

Based on Shay’s experience raising hundreds of millions of public and private debt, filing for an IPO, and closing over 20 M&A transactions, he is experienced in developing emerging technology companies to achieve a significant return on investment.